Marketing mix product branding design process

The marketing mix is an essential tool in building and implementing an effective marketing strategy. It should be used to show prospects why your product or service is different and better than your competitors.

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The marketing mix, also referred to as the 4 Ps, is comprised of four main pieces — Products, Price, Promotion and Place. The 4Ps describe what marketers can control and are the most critical elements when building your marketing strategy. Image Source: bbc. Product is concerned with developing the right product or service for your target market.

Your product or service must satisfy a specific consumer need. Kaffeinea London-based coffee shop, attracts customers by branding their business and products as hassle-free and friendly. They use their shop design of crumbling brick walls and comfy wooden crate benches to create an image visitors can easily align with their brand.

When setting a price for your product, you must consider competition in your target market place, and the cost of the total marketing mix. Placement decisions, such as accessing the right distribution channels, should take into consideration where customers would expect to find a product or service like yours. Part of the place decision is also the layout of your store or shop.

It should pull customers into your shop, making it easy for them to locate merchandise.

marketing mix product branding design process

This is about telling your target market about your product or service. It involves direct communication between sellers and potential customers. ITC Luxury Travel uses various means of communication with their customers and promotion for their services. Their Newsletter sign-up offers yet another opportunity for product promotion.

If the 4Ps seem outdated to you, try R. Image Source: marketingmix. Your marketing mix provides a roadmap for your business objectives.Overview of all products. Overview of HubSpot's free tools. Marketing automation software. Free and premium plans. Sales CRM software. Customer service software. Content management system software. Premium plans.

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marketing mix product branding design process

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Coca-Cola is more than a soda. Starbucks is more than a coffee. Ray-Ban is more than a pair of sunglasses. Glossier is more than a tube of concealer. Interacting with these products provide experiencesand we buy them with that experience in mind. Better yet, the companies that create and market them know exactly the experience they want you to have when you make or consider a purchase.What is the marketing mix and the 4ps of marketing model?

What entices consumers to engage with your business and buy your product or service? It may sound easy, but effective marketing takes a considerable amount of research and planning. Putting the right elements together can be a challenge, but utilizing a framework or marketing mix can help direct you. These four factors can be controlled by a business to a certain extent. It can also help businesses further understand their product and service offerings and the best ways to plan for a successful launch and marketing strategy.

The 4Ps were created by marketing professor E. They are a framework that marketers and businesses can use when designing strategies and campaigns to promote their products and services. Instead of leaving it up to chance and hoping that people will do what you want, you can increase your conversions by using a framework. What makes customers choose your product over others? What problem does it solve? What attracts people to your products or services?

They may be attracted to the product packaging, features, ease-of-use, name, quality, design or support. The transaction may be for the physical product. But, the purchase is influenced by the entire buying experience. All of the four elements are centered around the customer. It is important to know who your audience is and what they care about.

Create buyer personas. Conduct customer research. Learn as much about your current or potential customer base as you can. This will help you make decisions that are more likely to resonate and appeal to your target audiences. It is critical to choose the right price for your product or service. On the other hand, if you price your product too high, consumers may see it as overpriced and unnecessary.

There are a number of pricing strategies that businesses employ. Some models are: bundle, subscription, competitive, economy, discount, and psychological pricing. At grocery stores, generic food brands are priced lower than name-brands. This is an example of economy pricing. The strategy that you choose should be based on the value of your product, the production and distribution costs, consumer demand and competitive landscape. Price is also heavily influenced by your consumers.

Of course, you need to price to make a profit. How are you going to tell people about your products and services? Promotion covers all of the communication tactics that you will use to spread the word.

Promotion focuses on how you will communicate your product to people. It also addresses the sales process and other areas such as public relations and advertising.

Yes, that would be an ideal result.Does your organization use the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix for its marketing strategy? Did you sleep through your Intro To Marketing class? Additionally we extended the Marketing Mix from 4Ps to 8Ps. It adds People, Principles, Process and Performance to meet current marketing needs.

As a bonus, we added the Marketing Mix 4Ps checklist to guide you through building or updating your marketing strategy. Instead of pushing messages to your audience, they grant you permission to communicate with them. In his view, marketers must put consumers at the center of their focus to survive and thrive. Because recent developments and changing customer habits and beliefs require marketers to evolve or become extinct.

At its core, the marketing function remains the same! As part of the Marketing Mix, your product includes use, design, packaging, quality, features, colors and size options. Avoid Marketing Myopia! Define your products and services with care. Broadly specify products to solve specific customer needs.

marketing mix product branding design process

Your offering must provide additional value relative to its cost. Of key importance: 92 million millennials have different buying patterns and expectations from their parents. Goldman Sachs For example, Millennials seek experiences over ownership.

Further products and brands may be positioned based on their price point. As a result price elasticity is related to place and promotion. Price depends on packaging including sizesdiscounts, timing, location, shipping, and other offer-related elements. You must price your offering fairly and competitively across distribution channels.

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Further new competitors may enter the marketplace closer to the point of purchase. This translates to thinner margins for established companies.

Millennials want to get the maximum convenience at the lowest cost from brands. So, your brand is associated with price!

Place makes your product accessible to potential buyers and their purchase influencers. Today, location includes retail, digital, phone, chat, fax and multi-channel options. When determining place, astute marketers consider consumer context and product findability. Expanded platform and device options require your business to be present where your audience spends their time. Determine how potential buyers will search for your offering. Where possible, survey your current customers because their habits may differ from those of your executives.

As part of the Marketing Mix, promotion consists of content, communications and messaging that persuades your audience including buyers and purchase influencers to purchase your product or service. Beyond creating special deals, find a unique hook that makes your products or services memorable.

Additionally your positioning must set your offering apart from that of your direct and indirect competitors. Driven by content and conversation, not marketing push, promotion consists of more than your offer.

Promotion drives your prospects through the purchase process.The marketing mix is a tool that is made up of four unique but interconnected and interdependent variables. These four components help determine a clear and effective strategy to bring a product to market. Each element is crucial in its own right and needs to be given due focus. A product is an item that satisfies a need or a desire. This can be a physical item, a service or a virtual offering.

It is produced at a cost and is subsequently made available to the right audience at a price. Whatever the nature of the product, it will follow a lifecycle and through reasonable predictions of this lifecycle, a company can increase its competitive edge. A brand can be revamped or re-launched to remain relevant in a changing market or at the end of its lifecycle. A successful product has to fulfill a specific need in the market.

Marketing Mix: The 4Ps Of Marketing For Businesses

Functionally, it must be able to perform its function as promised. There also needs to be clear communication to users and potential customers regarding its benefits and features. Branding is another important feature for a product. Developing a product into a brand helps foster customer loyalty and recall and differentiate itself in the market.

Every product should have certain characteristics that separate it from its competitors. When a product is envisioned, it is an answer to an identified market need.

Marketing Mix | Product in Four P’s

This need is translated into a product with particular characteristics. These characteristics help determine all subsequent actions such as pricing, communication strategy and additional features or add-ons. For this reason, it is vital to try to create a unique set of characteristics for any product.

A factor that is shown to be the basis of why one product is better than its competitors is called a unique selling proposition or a USP. There are very few products that have no clear competition in the market. Most often, there are identical products with almost the same features.

In this situation, differentiation becomes of the utmost importance for the success of any product.

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The company needs not only to identify an USP, but also to clearly communicate this to the potential audience so that it is understood why the product is superior to other similar ones.

Tangible products : These are items with an actual physical presence such as a car, an electronic device, and an item of clothing or a consumer good. Intangible products : These are items that has no physical presence but can be felt indirectly. An insurance policy is an example of this. Online items such as software, applications or even music and video files are also intangible products.

Services : Services are also intangible products but they are the result of an economic activity that does not result in ownership. It is a process that creates benefits for customers. Services depend highly on who is performing them and remain difficult to reproduce exactly. Both tangible and intangible goods and services can be further defined and divided into the following groups:. An understanding of the elements that make up a product and those necessary to successfully sell is called the product marketing mix.In this scenario, your marketing mix would include everything from brochuresto website content.

Contrastingly, if we consider the academic area of marketing, we see that the marketing communications mix is more refined than you might think.

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He used the term to refer to the unique ingredients that he felt were crucial to promoting a brand and helping it to stand out from its competitors. The concept of the marketing mix is simple enough. Website design and branding agencies use the same fundamental ingredients in different ways to create a specific result.

Like baking a cake, you can alter the ingredient levels, add different flavours, and introduce your own flair. However, most cakes use the same basic elements. Of course, the world of marketing is constantly evolving.

We can see this in shifts within content algorithms, changing customer preferences, and the adaptations made to the marketing communications mix. Today, there are at least 7 commonly accepted pillars, and some companies take that development even further. In other words, by themselves, those four pillars are a little outdated. We already mentioned that the world of marketing and communications is constantly changing.

Analysing each element of your own marketing mix in depth can help you to stay ahead of the competition. The first element of the marketing mix is your product.

For instance, you might make running shoes for children, or eCommerce software for other businesses. The key to an effective product is making sure that you have the right product for the demands of your market. To start with, assess the way that you evaluate your brand offerings. In other words, start looking at your products or services from the perspective of an outsider, determining whether your brand is offering the right solutions at the right time.

marketing mix product branding design process

How will your customer use your product? What features must the product have to meet consumer needs? Have you missed any necessary features?

Are you creating unnecessary features? How is the product different from those offered by competitors? In some industries, a low price will be crucial. All companies need to be able to revise their prices, when necessary, to stay competitive in a saturated marketplace. How much it cost to make the product? What the perceived product value is for the customer? Whether a slight decrease in price could improve your positioning?

Whether the current pricing can keep up with competitors? Placement is often an overlooked aspect of branding and marketing. However, when it comes to the marketing mix, placement is essential. This requires an in-depth understanding of your target market.

The more you know about your audience, the more you can design the perfect placement for your product.As we know the Marketing Mix made up of the four elements product, price, place and promotionis the foundation for effective marketing.

In this article we discuss common product decisions and how to maximise the product element of the marketing mix. When firms decide to market products there are many decisions to make; each decision can have a long term impact on the success of the product. Market research at the beginning of the marketing process will help firms make many product decisions including Product DevelopmentTarget Market and Pricing. The diagram below lists the product decisions that manufacturers will need to make about their product.

The design of a product can often be the thing that sells it, as design is the easiest thing for consumers to identify. Product design is key in the technology sector, examples include the iPad, the Volkswagen Beetle - the Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner and design of the Tesla car.

This is the Dyson DC15 with one large ball that makes manoeuvring the vacuum cleaner easier than if it had the traditional two small wheels at the front.

The look design has probably helped to sell the vacuum as much as the benefits of the DC15 have Von Holzhausen chief designer at Tesla assumes every Tesla has to be beautiful as it will make the product stand out in a competitive market Product design will be dictated by your target market.

For example bright colours may be chosen to attract children, pink and pastel colours for female adults and dark colours such as black, navy, charcoal for male adults. Whereas consumers above a certain age may prefer design features that make a product easier to use rather than a design which is purely about aesthetics.

We must remember that Marketing is fundamentally about providing the correct bundle of benefits to the end user, hence the saying. A quality product is difficult to define as it will mean different things to each consumer.

7 Ps of Marketing Mix with Example

The challenge for all firms is to set their quality level and ensure that it meets the expectations of their target market. In general quality is made up of tangible features features that can be seen e.

In all circumstances a product's quality should be consistent with other elements of the marketing mix. Philip Kotler in his book "Principles of Marketing" devised a very interesting concept of benefit building with a product. For example a premium based pricing strategy will require a quality product to support the price tag. To learn more about quality click Here. One of the most important decisions a marketing manager can make is branding for their product.

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Brands have the power of instant sales, they convey a message of confidence, quality and reliability to their target market. A brand is a tool which is used by an organisation to differentiate itself from competitors. Ask yourself what is the value of a pair of Nike trainers without the brand or the logo? How does your perception change? Or an Apple phone, without their logo? Successful brands are managed by dedicated brand managers tasked with growing and protecting the brand.

There are many examples of firms bringing legal action against anybody that they feel is infringing their branding and the intellectual property rights associated with it. Product branding has to work across all of the firm's trading and promotion platforms including retail shops, telephone, television and of course the internet.

Internet product branding should support your brand strategy.